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🌱 5 POWERFUL Plants To Promote Detox + Raise Your Vibration!

Hi Rasāyana Living Family,

One of the most important things to keep in mind during the beginning of your Detoxification journey is that just incorporating more plants into your diet is a step in the right direction. Unless you are very chronically ill, you can probably afford to take baby steps and be gentle with yourself throughout the first few months.

I often think back to the start of my own health journey years ago when I was suffering with various ailments on a daily basis.

One of the FIRST things I did which ultimately lead to my healing was simply learning about the benefits of various plants. I also made sure to incorporate more plants into my daily consumption - more fruits, more vegetables, & more herbs.

Understand this: Just by taking the initiative to eat MORE healthy food, you ultimately plant "seeds of curiosity" in your mind. As time goes on, those seeds will continue to grow and produce beautiful healing results.

Here are 5 Powerful Plant Foods 🌱⚡️that you can begin incorporating in your life to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and lead you in the direction of Ascension


Grapes. Grapes are one of nature’s greatest lymphatic cleansers and tumor busters. They have been used and cultivated throughout ancient history.
One of the most powerful “fasts” you can do to clean the body is a 40 Day Grape Fast.
I have seen tumors pop out of my clients’ bodies when they abstain from any acid-forming foods and consume nothing but grapes (and lemon or lime) for weeks at a time. It is extremely powerful- too powerful for most. But just adding some grapes into your consumption is a step in the right direction!
Haritaki. Haritaki has grown to become one of my favorite herbs. Also known as Terminalia chebula, Haritaki is an Ayurvedic herb known as the “King of Herbs” to many of the Gurus who have been consuming it for years.
It is widely popular in India, South Asia, and Nepal.
What I love about Haritaki is its full body cleansing effect. It oxygenates the body, cleanses the colon, purifies the mind, stabilizes the mood, and fights off harmful pathogens.
Watermelon. Few fruits cleanse the colon the way that watermelon does. In fact, I'm not sure that any do.
Like doing a grape fast, watermelon fasting (whether you’re eating it or juicing it), is a powerful way to stimulate your bowels and move lymph. I’ve worked with clients who moved their bowels as little as once per week. For those individuals, I always recommend Watermelon as part of their protocols.
TIP: Need a quick "reset"? Do 3 days on nothing but Watermelon.
Chickweed. If you know me, you know how important it is that I promote Detoxification of the Lymphatic System. Chickweed is a very powerful Lymphatic herb.
It is often overlooked because it grows so abundantly and is seen as a “weed”. But the way this herb grows does not make it any less powerful.
Chickweed is another amazing full-body lymphatic herb. It works by cleansing out your internal cellular sewer system and has a ton of other healing properties.
Coconut. I think of fresh Coconut Water as the "water of the Gods". No joke.
Did you know that Coconut Water can be safely injected directly into the human bloodstream? Talk about POWERFUL! This is one of the best foods to consume for hydration.
Although finding fresh coconuts in the U.S., Canada, and Europe can be both difficult and pricey, if you do manage to get your hands on some fresh coconuts, I highly recommend consuming them.
I recently traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico and was able to find coconuts for as little as $1 USD. Hispanic and Asian countries tend to be abundant with fresh coconuts.
Coconuts contain a compound called Monolaurin which is one of the most powerful anti-virals to exist.
Also, coconuts are extremely abundant with natural electrolytes. A coconut water fast is a POWERFUL fast.

I hope you’ve learned something by reading about these powerful God-sent plants. I hope it inspires you to continue on your health journey.

Thank you so much for being part of the Rasāyana Living Community!

Peace, love & fruit,

Eric E. Sanchez D.S., Iridologist, Herbalist