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5 Signs You Can Benefit From A Juice Fast!

5 Signs You Can Benefit From a Juice Fast!

Hi, Rasāyana Living Family!

Juice fasting can give your system a much-needed “reset”. It allows your body to work on what it has not been able to process during your consumption of solid food. When your body isn’t spending its energy breaking down acidic chemistry, it starts to “clean house”. You can start this process by simply consuming a "living foods" diet. However, juicing (removing all fiber) can certainly take it up a notch and expedite the process (especially when combined with a customized healing herbal protocol)!

Why not do some “spring cleaning” this season by trying out a juice fast?!

Here are 5 signs that juicing might be a great choice for you…

1. You have been diagnosed with a “disease” by the medical community. As I’ve previously mentioned, “diseases” are simply “names given to symptoms” by the medical community. Symptoms are the way the body tells us that something is not right - the language of the body. Most people who are experiencing one or more symptoms and/ or who have been given a medical diagnosis can benefit from incorporating a juice fast into their healing journey.

2. You have issues with your digestion.
Juice fasting gives your digestive tract a break, therefore giving it more energy to heal.

3. You have never done a parasite cleanse.
Guess what - MOST humans have parasites! There is a BIG misconception that parasites are a 3rd-world-country problem. But no, parasites are universal, especially in those who have ever indulged in meat, dairy, or fish. Whether that be the parasites we can physically see (pinworms, tapeworms, whipworms, ringworms, etc.) OR microscopic parasites (such as viral loads).

4. You’ve ever taken antibiotics or other medications.
The toxicity caused by chemical medications can be really taxing on the human body. The residue of these chemicals can remain stagnant and cause chronic problems for years. In my Iridology Analysis readings, this often shows up in the eyes of my clients as DRUG DEPOSITS. During a juice fast, you can release tons of sulphur and old medication residue that otherwise would remain trapped in the body causing all kinds of corrosive damage.

5. You feel spiritually called to it.
Your intuition is one of your most precious gifts. It is a VALUABLE tool on your healing journey. Fasting is a practice that has existed for thousands and thousands of years - even ancient civilizations did it. People have fasted long before cancer, “autoimmune conditions”, and viral loads were a thing. Fasting is physiologically engrained into us as a species. It is part of our history as humans. If the thought of a juice fast sounds spiritually or physically enticing, that is your inner wisdom speaking to you.

Want to SEE the power of a juice fast? Click on the links below and see for yourself what can be achieved!


If you feel called to go on a juice fast this spring, I recommend going for it! I'm here when you'd like assistance along the way.

Love always,
Eric E. Sanchez D.S., Iridologist, Herbalist
Rasāyana Living
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