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My Process of Becoming Conscious and Present

Earlier today I was feeling a bit of stress, pressure and anxiety. Some of the uneasiness had to do with the high expectations I set for myself and trying to meet my own deadlines. I like to be transparent with my readers. I don’t like to ever insinuate that I have it all together and figured out. Like everyone else I am moving, growing and learning day by day. I have a morning routine which consists of praying, meditating, reading, affirmations, exercise, working on expanding my business and more. This has been something that's kept me going and staying productive. Whenever I skip my morning routine I notice that the energy of my day is thrown off. Many successful business owners credit their morning routines to their success and happiness. But we are all human and we all slip up from time to time. This is why it is important for us to be gentle with ourselves and learn healthy coping mechanisms.

Today was one of the days where I skipped my morning routine. My mood was indeed thrown off which is what propelled me to meditate and practice my yoga a few times. I decided to turn something negative (skipping my routine) into something positive (meditating and writing a blog post which can ultimately help other people). 

What I noticed is that during meditation and yoga I am given the opportunity to reset my intention for the day and simply be present. I don’t have to think about yesterday or later on today. I focus on my breath and allow the thoughts that come to simply “sail on by”. I don’t create resistance or fight my thoughts. I welcome them, let them pass, and bring my attention back to my breath.

I recommend meditation to almost all of the clients I work with. Meditation has instilled the belief in me that I am not “my thoughts”. It is important that we don’t identify with all of our thoughts. As humans, we have both positive and negative thoughts by nature. I believe that there are 4 sides to us. The physical self, the intellectual self, the emotional self and the spiritual self. These different sides can stimulate numerous thoughts which then produce a plethora of emotions. Sometimes the thoughts don't make us feel too good. They can make us feel anxious, stressed, angry, sad or many other negative emotions. 

Like every other habit (both healthy and unhealthy), building your spiritual life takes practice and conscious daily effort. One of the ways you can build your spiritual life is through meditation. There are literally thousands of free online guided meditations which can be found on YouTube, social media apps and various other platforms. Meditation and doing “inner work” can feel scary and intimidating at first. But on the other side of fear often lies your greatest potential. That is where your success, pride, growth, dignity, and ascension await you.  

I’m happy that I was able to experience a bit of uneasiness today. Uneasiness is what sharpens up your character. When I really think about it, it’s part of what led me to start my business. I want to encourage you to build a daily practice of some sort. Being intentional about setting a certain time of the day to take 5 to 10 minutes to just breathe and be present is so powerful. As humans we tend to always chase the next thing. The next high, more money, more “happiness”, the next relationship and so on. Then, when we get the new job it feels GREAT for the first few months.. but then it’s not stimulating enough and we end up wanting something else. This constant “chase” stops us from enjoying the present moment. I don't want to reach an old age and think “I was never truly satisfied and present because I was always looking for what was coming next”.

You can learn so much about yourself in meditation. You can listen to what the 4 sides of your being are telling you. Often times, each side has a message for you- as long as you’re willing to listen.

Be brave, be gentle, be intentional, be consistent, and be love.