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My Interview on The Beet


Hi all,

As many of you already know, I recently did an interview with an awesome online magazine called The Beet. The Beet is a great platform offering guidance to those interested in a vegan lifestyle. Their general focus is not on detoxification, but I am happy that they wanted to share part of my story on their site.

It's always important for me to spread the message of living food. There are too many people needlessly suffering around the world. Speaking out is how I do my part in ensuring that people understand their health is always in their own hands.

I wanted to link this interview to my website for those who haven't had the chance to check it out. I get many inquiries about my personal story. This is probably the most in-depth I've ever spoken in an interview. Although my plan is to ultimately write a book, I thought that this would be a good introduction for those who are curious about not only me, but the power of living food.

Click here to check out the interview.


Peace, love, & fruit,