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It’s Okay To Be Exactly Where You Are Right Now

Originally published: May 8th, 2020

I write this blog for anyone whose experiencing anxiety and fear right now. For everyone who has been quarantining. When you’re spending so much more time alone, your thoughts can tend to go wild. And that’s putting it lightly.

I myself am a BIG introvert and there have been several moments of difficulty (even for me) throughout the past few months. There’s moments where I feel peaceful and then there’s moments where negativity knocks and creeps in. The self doubt, regret, criticism, etc.

During my meditation yesterday I came up with a new practice/ mantra. Whenever I’m in meditation and those thoughts of inadequacy or general negativity creep up, I say to myself “You’re doing it right”. Why? Because meditation isn’t always a time to feel bliss and joy and relaxation. Meditation (for me) is also a time to face yourself. Facing your demons allows you to learn about which areas in your life you still need to work on. It shows you what adjustments you need to make. It is a BLESSING to silence yourself and see where you’re at mentally right now. You can’t ever improve or evolve without passing through some storms.

Life is peaks and valleys. The illusion that there’s some fantasy life out there where every day just gets better and better is dangerous. Of course, circumstances and your general confidence can and should improve, but there will always be bumps in the road. Part of my spiritual journey has been understanding and accepting that. And also seeing that with my past, I know that I can get through just about anything.

So yes- In life there are many amazing moments… but then there’s also times of fear and anxiety. And all of that is OKAY. If you’re finding it difficult to sit in silence, its okay- you’re still doing it right. You’re learning.

How often do we criticize ourselves rather than focusing on our accomplishments? Even with building my own business, becoming a certified Detoxification Practitioner, and all the accomplishments I’ve already made in 2020 within QUARANTINE, I still sometimes manage to critique things or even make decisions that I’m not fully comfortable with. I still have plenty of moments where I fear the future. But I'm learning to welcome fear. Those moments of fear, inadequacy, confusion, or being conflicted about what’s right from wrong are all PART OF THE PROCESS and NECESSARY. As you continue to do the work it gets easier. You will learn to become more gentle with yourself. I believe that the biggest benefit (on a global scale) about this quarantine is that it's allowing billions of people who "never had the time" to dig deeper into themselves.

I wanted to share a quick tip to combat anxiety:

If you can find even just ONE thing per day to do that’ll make you feel proud of yourself, go for it. A 5 minute meditation? Making a plant based meal? A 15 minute jog? Cleaning a room in your house or apartment? Speaking to a therapist over the phone? Journaling? Anything that feels good to you.

I feel that these are confusing times for most people. There’s a spiritual shift occurring globally right now. More people are looking within and to higher levels of consciousness for answers. I see that as both a beautiful and scary thing. But I also understand that it is 100% necessary. It’s all part of the flow. “Everything is everything”. So if you feel moments of anxiousness, inadequacy, guilt, or even depression I want you to understand this: If you do nothing more than survive this quarantine experience, you’ve done GREAT. You’re doing it right.


With love,