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Recipe: Grape Lemonade

Originally published: March 19th, 2020

This recipe is so simple and it only requires TWO ingredients! THIS specific juice is one of the reasons why I was able to complete my 90 Day Juice Feast. I had other juices during the 90 days (of course), but THIS recipe was soooo good it really satiated me and helped curve cravings. Most of my calories came from this exact recipe. It's so tasty that it's hard to believe that there's no added sugar! This taste like something you'd buy from the store in a bottle that would normally be bad for your body. But this does nothing but LOVE your body and hug your cells. Whenever I'd have my friends try it, one sip was never enough. Everyone falls in love with it and wants more.

This is also a perfect recipe to help boost your immune system during this Caronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Grapes are super beneficial for your body and general detoxification. Read more about the detoxifying power of grapes by reading the blog post I wrote about it here. Lemons are one of the best foods you can drink to stimulate the body's lymphatic system & liver. Putting these two amazing fruits together is POWERFUL. Enjoy this!!


1. 1 to 2 bags of (preferably organic) grapes.

2. A bag of lemons.

*Red grapes taste the best in this recipe so if you can manage to find red, go for those! If you can't get red grapes then get the darker/ black grapes. This recipe doesn't taste as good with green grapes (IMO).

DIRECTIONS: 1. Take a bunch of grapes and stick them into a blender. Blend on high for about 20 to 30 seconds. You may have to do this step a few times depending on how big your blender is and how much juice you want to make.

2. Take the blended grape juice and pour it onto a strainer OR use a Nut Milk Bag/ Cheese Cloth. Allow the juice to fall into a large serving jug (see image below), or a bowl. If using a Nut Milk Bag or Cheese Cloth make sure your hands are extra clean LOL!

3. Once all the juice is strained and into the jug or bowl, use a measuring cup to pour 12 to 16 oz of juice into a large serving cup. If you don't have a large serving cup just do half of what I'm saying and use a regular 8oz cup.

4. Now, simply squeeze two lemons into the serving cup. Make sure to use a spoon to remove any seeds that fell into the juice. Alternatively, you could just squeeze the lemons into a separate cup and then use a strainer to remove the pulp and seeds. You'd then just pour the lemon juice into the grape juice.

5. Use a straw to stir it all up & ENJOY!!!




*I find that it's much easier and quicker to use a blender than a juicer when it comes to making grape juice, but if you want to try and use a juicer, feel free. Some juicers don't do a great job of squeezing all the juice from the grapes and so you might end up wasting a lot of produce.

*If you aren't going to refrigerate the juice before drinking it, I highly recommend adding some ice. This tastes 10x better when it's nice and cold!

*Grapes are on the Dirty Dozen list which means that very large amounts of pesticides are used on them when being harvested. This is extremely damaging to our bodies.

Check out the Dirty Dozen list so that you can know which non organic foods to avoid by clicking here. Check out the Clean Fifteen list to see which fruits & veggies are safe to purchase non organic by clicking here.

*If you can't manage to get organic grapes, make sure to let your grapes soak in a generous amount of baking soda water for at least 30 minutes to try and remove some of the pesticides. If you can manage to get a good fruit & veggie wash, use that to clean them first and then still soak them in some baking soda water.