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Remember The Spiritual Aspects Of Healing

Hi Ascension Living Family,

An often overlooked part of the detoxification process is the spiritual and emotional aspect. I actually find this aspect to be one of the most important. I think of it as a prerequisite to being successful on the path to healing.

Neglecting the emotional aspect of this process truly does yourself a disservice. The word “spiritual” can sometimes throw people off, so I want to emphasize: You do not need to be religious whatsoever to be successful on this journey. You can be anything - Atheist, Jewish, Christian, Agnostic, Buddhist, Catholic, Etc. It’s simply about acknowledging the psychologicalpart of your journey.

Do you ever stop to think: 

What are my health ailments trying to teach me?, Or 

What is the silver lining in all that I am experiencing?,

How about Is it possible that there is a deeper reason as to why I am experiencing this?

Do you ever take some time to get quiet and look “within”? Whether that be through meditation, prayer, or journaling?

My challenge for you this week is to be intentional about taking at least one action towards self reflection. Put it on your calendar and commit to it. This can be by asking yourself one of the questions above or doing one of the practices I mentioned. If the practice makes you feel centered, I highly recommend incorporating it into your healing journey on a regular basis. You’re actually far more likely to meet your goals this way. 

The mind is a powerful thing.

Love always,
Eric E. Sanchez D.S., Iridologist, Herbalist
Ascension Living LLC