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The Protein Myth


Let’s talk about PROTEIN…

One of the most interesting and common questions/ concerns I get from new clients is “Should I take anything for protein?” … What makes this interesting is when I ask “Do you know what protein is?”, nobody ever has the answer. So where does this protein myth come from? Why does everyone think we need it yet can’t tell you what it is? Can you get enough “protein” from a vegan/ living foods lifestyle? What does the body DO with protein? I'll answer these questions for you below...

Your body must convert all protein into AMINO ACIDS in order for it to be utilized for muscle, hair, skin, bones, energy, etc. So what the body needs is amino acids, not “protein” per se.

Whenever I work with someone who consumed high levels of protein in their previous diet, they’re almost always in the most degenerated states of chronic health. When I switch them over to a diet of foods with readily available AMINO ACIDS (which requires very little energy for the body to utilize), their painful symptoms and conditions vanish quickly. Why is that? Because the body doesn’t have to work on trying to convert foreign proteins into amino acids. The body is getting everything it needs directly from its natural food source. 

Furthermore, the body also doesn’t have to secrete as many enzymes from the pancreas to try and break down the food because the food is already full of enzymes in itself (it’s alive). 

What does this show us?… Well, the less protein in the diet, the less the body has to work. & The less the body has to work on processing food, the more energy it has to heal. When someone is sick, the last thing you want to do is give them high sources of protein.

The protein myth comes from the same establishments that profit when you get sick. It is put into our heads generation by generation. Consequently, we continue to see the human race get sicker and sicker every decade as diets become higher and higher in protein.

But ARE there plant sources of protein available if someone did want it? Are there any raw sources? 

Well, yes. Because “lack of protein” is such a concern to some of my clients, I often will recommend they take #Chlorella or #Spirulina as part of their protocols just to ease their stress. These are sea algaes which contain all the 9 essential amino acids we need to thrive. 100 grams of spirulina has 57 grams of protein. 100 grams of steak only has 25 grams. Check out my blog post on Heavy Metal Detoxification for more information about Chlorella.

Also, raw soaked nuts & seeds are very high in protein. For example, just 3oz of raw sprouted tahini (which is made of sesame seeds) contains around 14 grams of protein. 4oz of almond butter contains 24 grams of protein. Are nuts and seeds ideal for detoxification? Well, no. Again, when your body is spending its energy trying to break complex protein down into amino acids, it slows down the process of removing your body's accumulated acidity. But with that being said, nuts & seeds can be great for balance and for helping to stabilize your mind during your journey back to health. They can also be used for rebuilding your body on plant based sources of protein after spending a few months or years peeling back layers of toxins through detoxification.

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Stay happy, healthy, and full of fruit!