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You Don't Need To Claim Your Medical Diagnosis Label - Be Free

Hi Rasāyana Living family,

This blog post is an important one. This week I wanted to remind you that you do not need to claim any dis-ease you’ve been diagnosed with (if you don't want to).

Learning to disassociate from what the medical community calls “your disease” is a very valuable practice. Understanding what the root cause of your diagnosis is and deciding to look at it from a holistic perspective (as opposed to wearing it as a label) can take you very far. It is liberating.


This is something to think about - If you’re constantly going around saying or thinking things like “I have IBS/ Cancer/ a Virus/ Anxiety, etc.”, you’re putting affirmations out into the universe which can effect you on a cellular level.
Remember: the body pays attention to what you say and it responds accordingly.

Thankfully, with holistic healing, there are ways to find out what the root-cause of your diagnoses are so that you can address and heal them.


It is VITAL to understand that these diagnosis "labels" keep Big Pharma very, very rich. They keep you dependent on expensive drugs and treatments which do NOT cure anything and only suppress symptoms (which ends up leading to further complications down the road).

Let's break some common medical diagnosis down...

What is Cancer? Cancer is essentially a group of damaged cells which have accumulated due to a poor functioning Lymphatic System, compromised Kidneys, and weak Adrenals. However, damaged cells can be detoxed from the body by taking the appropriate action. There are other factors at play in Cancer as well, but all of these factors can be addressed by dealing with the body as a whole system.
How does western medicine address cancer? With chemotherapy - something that damages even more cells. This is like trying to put out fire with more fire.

What is Alopecia? Alopecia, as well as all "autoimmune" conditions, is an immune system (lymphatic) issue. These conditions occur due to excessive acid-forming chemistry, a lymphatic system which is not adequately eliminating waste, and poor blood circulation. Genetic weaknesses can also be a potential factor and thankfully, this can be seen & addressed. How does the medical community address autoimmune conditions like alopecia? Acidic steroid injections and creams - adding more harm to an already overly acidic system.

What are Viruses? Viruses are essentially microscopic parasites/ genetic material. Viral loads can cleansed from the system. This is accomplished by getting the Kidneys to filter, working on the Lymphatic System, addressing the weaknesses in your body, and opening up all of your channels of elimination (Defecation, Urination, Perspiration, Respiration).
How does the medical community address viruses? With chemical medications which damage the liver and don't get to the root cause of the issue.

What is Anxiety? Excessive Anxiety is an Adrenal Gland and Brain & Nervous System issue. The adrenal glands as well as the brain & nervous system can heal and regenerate with enough time & consistency. Herbs like Gotu Kola and many others are phenomenal for the anxiety (as well as other mood concerns).
How does the medical community address anxiety? By giving you a diagnosis label and prescribing you medications which further damage the endocrine & nervous system.


When you break down what these "diseases" really are and you take a look at what makes a body hospitable to them to begin with, it all ends up making sense. Once those root causes are addressed with the right food, healthy practices, and the right herbal combinations, things most people would deem "miracles" occur. I've had clients permanently detox so-called "incurable" viruses. I've seen cancer gone in as little as 3 months. I've witnessed people on their death bed become vibrant and alive again.

The things I've seen are beyond what the average person thinks is possible. It is a VERY hard pill to swallow (no pun intended). Accepting that the body can heal itself from these chronic states of health would mean accepting that we have been purposely indoctrinated and lied to as a population. But as one of my favorite quotes goes, "Only those who go where few have gone can see what few have seen". The matrix is real.

This is why I continue to emphasize that there is really only ONE true “disease” which is
TOXEMIA (or Systemic Acidosis/ Lymphatic Stagnation). Address this issue (as well as the compromises within your body), and all "diseases" vanish.


If someone was sick, which of these options would make more sense?:

Clean out their internal environment by opening up their channels of elimination and giving them fresh food and natural medicinal plants. "Clean the Tank"

OPTION B: Keep them in the same exact internal environment, but inject them drugs and give them pills to take. "Vaccinate/ Inject/ Treat the Fish"

I’d go with option A, any day!

We constantly hear the word “immunocompromised” and the phrase “low immune system” thrown around… So why not start there? If we know that having a “low immune system” is what makes you more susceptible to “disease”, why not start by cleaning the immune (lymphatic) system?

THAT, my friends, is what taking a ROOT-CAUSE based approach looks like. THAT is how you actually HEAL the body.


FACT 1. It is only when the body's eliminative pathways, glands, and the lymphatic system (immune system) become compromised that “dis-ease” occurs.

FACT 2. It is not about the “disease” - it’s about why your body was HOSPITABLE to the “disease” to begin with. 

Let go of your labels and jump into the world of healing holistically. Always think "root cause". 

Love always,
Eric E. Sanchez D.S., Iridologist, Herbalist
Rasāyana Living