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Invigorate your health.

Just by being alive you have the right to feel healthy and liberated in your body. The idea that you need to depend on an establishment which profits when you're sick for "health" support is a lie which I'm here to help deprogram. You can take back your power, regardless of what form of disease (or dis-ease) you're dealing with. Target the root cause of your ailments and watch your body do what it's already designed to- regenerate and thrive.

True healing is right around the corner...

Detoxification, Raw Vegan, Gardening, Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Sebi, Juice Fast

Why the name “Rasāyana?”

Become alive again... ❤️

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Rasayana Living is the new brand and company owned by Eric Sanchez, formerly known as “Ascension Living LLC,” an independent small business not affiliated, associated with or licensed or endorsed by Ascension Health Alliance.