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About Eric & Rasāyana Living

Who is Eric Sanchez?

Eric is a multifaceted healer and the CEO of Rasāyana Living, previously known as Ascension Living LLC. He is a Naturopath, Certified Detoxification Specialist, Clinical Iridologist, Health Coach, Master Herbalist, Gardener, Hoffman Institute graduate, Transcendental Meditation Practitioner, and Writer.

Why the name “Rasāyana Living?”

Rasāyana is a Sanskrit word referring to techniques for lengthening lifespans and invigorating the body. The literal definition is “path of essence.” Eric chose this word because it encompasses everything he has dedicated his life to doing with this company. Rasāyana Living™'s mission is to free as many people as possible from “dis-ease” by naturally invigorating the body, inevitably leading to true healing.

Tell me more...

For years now Eric has been fortunate enough to help thousands of people live pain-free, happy, abundant lives. He has helped clients from all various walks of life heal, reverse, and/or come off of medications for a plethora of dis-eases. Some of these include: Arthritis, Alopecia, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Low & High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Ulcerative Colitis, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Viral Loads (HSV, HIV, HPV), Lyme Disease, Chronic Migraines, Acne, Psoriasis, Depression, and other Mood Disorders.

His experience is unique as he has not only studied Naturopathy and worked extensively in Holistic Health, but has also worked as a Project Manager in Pharmaceuticals. He understands both the western way of thinking/ executing when it comes to “dis-ease”, as well as the holistic & natural full body approach. He has used the holistic approach (nature’s law) not only to heal himself, but hundreds of others as well. One of his aspirations in life is leading people back to true vibrant health and invigoration of the mind.

Eric emphasizes the importance of a full body approach when it comes to healing. He believes in the mind, body, and soul trinity. He helps his clients achieve their goals at a much more expedited rate by combining the three. As a graduate from The Hoffman Institute, Eric has studied the process of: re-training the mind, healing from emotional trauma & negative patterns, working on the inner-child, and developing deep self-compassion.

His upbringing and training has exposed him to many different walks of life and a variety of diverse communities on a global scale. This is what contributes to his non-judgmental nature and open-mindedness with his clients, which is what ultimately builds trust and transparency in the client/ Naturopath relationship.

Eric’s distinctive ability to simplify the way the human body functions makes it so that just about anybody has a full in-depth understanding of how to completely heal their own bodies of so called “incurable” or “chronic” diseases after working with him.

Eric’s passions include being a living food chef, spirituality, growing his own food (gardening), writing, traveling, meditating, and helping others heal their bodies from all different manifestations of systemic acidosis.

“The average human doesn’t know how good we are designed to feel. There are so many things in our day to day lives which create blockages within our minds, bodies, and souls. I am here to help you break those blockages and lead you in the right direction of abundant health. It is my passion. My calling is to show you how every encounter in your life, including the encounter of dis-ease, has arrived so that it can be a teacher for you. A simple shift in your mentality can create all the difference. You can be free of whatever form of dis-ease you are dealing with. That is the beauty of how we are designed. Your body is already trying to liberate you. It’s just up to you to enable it to do what it wants most - to set you free.”

- Eric E. Sanchez D.S., Iridologist, Herbalist