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Note: Rasāyana Living was previously run under the LLC name "Ascension Living LLC". Because of this, some content naturally mentions "Ascension Living". 


-Ryan P. - Indiana

-Faraz S. - Sweden

-Damian P. - Florida

 -Christina P. - Alaska

After having shown symptoms, I decided to test for an STD. I got results that I was positive for HSV-2 and was devastated. I could not stop crying and felt helpless when I read every medical article say it was not curable. I ultimately found Eric's website which amplified the fact that "no disease is incurable", and was so inspired to take action and begin his coaching. I began his protocol, and although mentally difficult, I knew I needed to do this. I didn't come this far to only come this far. After about 11 months, Eric recommended that I take the Western Blot Test for HSV-2 which is the "gold standard". I was so emotional when it came back negative! I am so grateful and now TRULY know there is NO incurable disease. I will be forever grateful for this journey that has brought me peace, temperament with food, a shift in mindset and trust in God's plan. Thank you Eric!!! 

-A.V. - Los Angeles

-Reyna A. - California

Diverticulitis, Acid Reflux, Chronic Gastrointestinal Issues, High Blood Pressure, & Pre-Diabetes... gone!
-Wanda & Antonella - Florida

Rheumatoid Arthritis... gone!
-Theresa D. - Oregon 

-Poornima K. - South Carolina 

-Pete B. - Chicago, IL

-Veronica O. - New Jersey

These types of results have NEVER happed to me, especially so quickly! I wake up with clean, fresh energy. I have some of the deepest sleep of my life now. My mental illness issues are gone, with a proper balance of meat/cooked foods and this detoxifying lifestyle. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and am thriving beyond comprehension. I've got so much love, man! I would have paid thousands of dollars for this information. I told my dad that how I was feeling today was worth all of the worlds money combined, and even that can’t compare to how godly, divine, in love with the mundane perfection of reality, and ALIVE/healthy as shit I feel. Now, living life has been effortless. It’s enjoyable for once, like WTF? Lol. I mean every single symptom and issue I had in life physically or mentally, is fucking gone!!!! Feel free to share anything you read in my testimony on your website or to anyone who has deeply struggled with similar issues: OCD, Bipolar, Depression, Suicidal, Weakened Adrenals, Brain Fog, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, etc.

-Mark V. - MI

-Jay B. - Philippines/ USA

-Jon G. - CA

Finding Eric has been life changing for my family and inner circle. I was looking for someone who could help me after watching a few of Doctor Morse’s videos. I bumped into Eric's website and immediately reached out. He responded quickly and answered the initial questions that I had. I decided I was ready to begin and booked his 8 week protocol/phone call. He wasn’t only informative and knowledgeable but EXTREMELY KIND.. I rave about him to everyone I know because he truly cares and takes the time to answer any concerns. Having him has supported me in many ways including accountability. It’s very exciting to know that this is working and I’m on the right path!! I am still on my detox journey. I’m proud to say I haven’t strayed from it and look forward to not only completely healing and detoxing but incorporating a raw food diet into my families life moving forward. We have many friends to bless thanks to Eric and look forward to helping others rid them selves of dis-ease.

-Liz T. - CA

I reached out to Eric 3 months ago on behalf of my 8 year old. His symptoms varied from terrible digestive issues, rashes, extreme mood swings, asthma, and bronchitis. My husband and I have seen 4 different pediatricians over the last 4 years. We were extremely stressed and almost at a loss for hope. It was taking its toll on our marriage. My husband found Eric online and it took some convincing for me to trust in “holistic healing”. I was very hesitant at first… I am so happy I took a chance. In less than 3 months my son’s mood has stabilized, his digestion drastically improved, he’s breathing normally, and he’s only having skin breakouts when his body goes into detox. Having my son follow Eric's personalized herbal protocol has been the best thing I could’ve done for his health. The herbal tea and healing salve Eric recommended works much better than any cream the various pediatricians had prescribed us. I also appreciated being able to text him whenever I had questions and needed some extra guidance. My entire family is living a much more natural lifestyle now. My husband and I are both going to go on a detox soon and will be reaching out to Eric for a health assessment and personalized protocol. I am so grateful. I thank God for my husband discovering Eric. It truly changed our lives. 

-Teedra W. - PA

I am a great fan of Dr. Morse (a practitioner of herbal remedies and raw food), however, since Dr. Morse is no longer seeing patients I had to look further and gratefully found Eric who studied under him. When I talked to Eric and explained why I called and the issues I was dealing with such as: a continually recurring HSV2 virus of which I was dealing with for years, poor sleep, being 20 lbs. overweight and poor mental clarity (brain fog), along with too many other issues to list, he was attentive, listened, and told me he could help. At the time I had been following the Keto diet for several years and was basically getting nowhere. Eric was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me explaining the benefits of fasting, cleansing and eating raw and immediately put together a protocol plan for me to start using. Within a month I had lost 15lbs and was sleeping through the night. By the second month my HSV2 outbreaks stopped, no more brain fog and I had lost another 5lbs! Amazing to say the least. By the third month I have more energy, sleep great and feel better than I had in years. I am so grateful to Eric for all his knowledge, patience and answering all my questions! I look forward to testing negative in the near future for HSV2! Amazing is the only way to describe Eric!

-R.J.T. - NC

I reached out to Eric at the beginning of this year after finding him via a magazine article. I was inspired by his wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the raw life journey. I knew at the beginning of this year that I wanted help! I have been struggling with building a healthy relationship with food (disordered eating) since I was in high school and I knew it was time to seek support from someone who had a healing relationship with food as opposed to a toxic one. With that desire in heart I signed up to do a 90-day juice fast, and I made it to day 40 with his guidance. During that time I was also able to complete a 15-day water fast. Once I completed 40 days, I decided, with his support, to start introducing food back into my system in order to make sure I didn't spiral my pattern of disordered eating again. After that point, Eric continued to support me with wisdom, grace, and love- and knowing him has been such a blessing. Throughout working with him I only felt empowered, never judged. I believe that he is in my life for a reason and that knowing him is a divine connection because he has inspired me in so many ways as I continue on this journey to healing my relationship with food and my body. He is very wise, intelligent, compassionate, and professional. He works from a place of integrity. I would absolutely recommend partnering with him in your journey to health and wellness.

-Jasmine F. - CA

Within 5 minutes of speaking to Eric on the phone I knew I was in good hands. He is the true definition of a healer! He is so sweet and knowledgeable. I could see right off the bat that he actually cared about the success of reversing my conditions. I’d text him questions and he’d QUICKLY give me an in depth response and ensured that I was comfortable and knowledgeable with everything I was doing. When it comes to seeing doctors, I’ve always felt like a random number. The appointment always felt rushed. But Eric constantly assured me that I could and WOULD heal everything I was dealing with and explained to me in detail the process my body was going through. He gave me everything I needed to keep myself focused. After 5 months on the 2 protocols he wrote for me, I am free of SIBO, migraines, and a virus I thought I’d be stuck with for the rest of my life. My doctor was shocked at the fact that in less than a year I am free of everything he couldn’t heal for me for over 3 years. When I told him what I had done he laughed it off and said that he needed to see his next patient. It was then that I realized "we live in a sick world".. but Eric is one of the angels doing God’s work. He knows I will be imbedded to him for the rest of my life!!

-Sophia J. - CA

I don’t have the words to express what Eric has meant for me in my healing journey. After 2 years of going to several doctors around the country for my autoimmune issues, I found Eric on Instagram and took a leap of faith. I love the way he understands the human body and simplifies it so that just about anybody can understand. He was sooooo patient with me. He answered all of my questions and guided me through my journey. I never heard of the concept of natural healing until Eric. I was living a mundane life in pain. I felt like a damaged person. But I now have my power back. It’s been a few months on his protocols and I am feeling about 80% better. I truly didn’t think my body could ever feel this way again. I feel healthier than I ever have. I love knowing that I can eat this way and thrive for the rest of my life. I owe a lot of that to Eric.

-Vanessa G. - NY

I reached out to Eric after seeing him speak about once also having a mild case of alopecia. I couldn't find even one doctor who knew what the ROOT cause of my health issue was. I had a doctor tell me that “sometimes people are just unlucky and get these things”. My primary care doctor sent me to three different dermatologists, all of which insisted on injected my head with steroids to stop the growth. When I got on the phone with Eric during my consultation he explained to me why this does not get to the root cause of the issue and actually makes the condition worse over time. He introduced me to “alkaline” and “anti-inflammatory” foods in conjunction with herbs. I didn’t think that what you ate had all that much to do with your health at all. It’s been about 4 months since I took on Eric’s protocol and made some small lifestyle changes. My hair is growing back and I’m still in shock of how simple this has been. After dealing with alopecia for 2 YEARS I finally understand what the issue was. I'm so grateful for having discovered Eric and for his guidance throughout my healing journey.

-Kyle O. - FL

Where do I begin… I am so thankful for finding Eric. I suffered with chronic HSV-2 for 4 years prior to making the connection that it was about what I was eating and drinking. I'd break out 3 to 4 times a month! I knew I had to change and I was at a point of desperation where I was now willing to try anything. Finding Eric was fate. I strictly followed the 2 week protocol he wrote for me after our consultation and then decided to have him coach me for a few months afterwards. It was amazing to have someone who was as knowledgeable as him that I could text any day and get a response from in regards to health. I wasn't judged. I was able to vent and even cry. For me, it wasn’t only about the change of diet and the herbs I was now taking. It was also having someone like Eric to speak to, ask questions to, and lean on whenever I needed him. He has such a big heart and offered me not only health advice, but emotional support too. I felt less alone. This was something I was holding in and couldn’t talk to anyone about. I was able to let so much off of my chest with him. Because of following his guidance and suggestions, I went from around 4 outbreaks a month to not having an outbreak in over 60 days so far and I’m starting to become free of symptoms too. I feel confident that I am headed in the right direction. It was a bit of an adjustment, but with the right amount of effort and through Eric's guidance, I was able to really take back my health.

-J.W. - GA

After reading Eric's “What I Learned On My 90 Day Juice Feast” blog post my desire to change grew. I knew that I had been stunting my own growth for a while. His words were the inspiration I needed to finally take the next step and do my first juice fast. I chose his 30 Day Juice Feast Coaching option. He called me the next day and I was surprised at how much information he had about how the body works. It was a lot to take in and I took a lot of notes which have helped me since. My main goal was to lose weight and deal with my cholesterol issues. He told me why the body holds onto excess fat, how to lose the weight and keep it off, and recommended specific herbs to address some my health concerns. I was able to call, text and even FaceTime him whenever I had a question. He was always quick to respond and provide guidance. He even reached out to me to check in a few times and make sure I was feeling okay. Since the fast, I now eat about 50% raw. I’m looking forwarding to my next fast.

-Natalie F. - TX

I struggled with acne since my early teens. I had tried everything under the sun (or so I thought) to get rid of it. I’ve used so many expensive creams, laser treatments, and went to several dermatologists who always had some new cream for me to try out. Nothing ever worked and it started taking a really bad toll on my self esteem. I took a chance with Eric and he explained to me about how my Lymphatic System was backed up which was causing my skin (which I now know is my largest eliminative organ) to do what my kidneys could not. He explained to me in detail why my kidneys weren't functioning properly and what I could now do about it. He wrote me a personal protocol and recommended some amazing herbs which I’m not sure I’ll ever stop taking. I still do have my acne scars from all the years prior, but other than that my skin looks great. It actually glows. I think about all the money I spent on different products and doctor visits and wonder how people can go to such prestigious colleges for years and not understand how simple it is to fix skin and other health issues. I'm inspired to now get into natural healing as well. I feel like it is now part of my calling to help other people who are struggling with excessive acne.

-Cassandra D. - MI