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What is the Rasāyana Healing Program?

This is a 1-On-1 Live Coaching Program tailored to each individual’s unique health circumstances. This program targets the root-cause(s) of each client’s dis-ease in order to achieve true healing (as opposed to simply “treating your symptoms”). “Rasāyana” is a word stemming from one of the world’s oldest languages, Sanskrit. It refers to: techniques for lengthening lifespans and invigorating the body. The literal definition is “path of essence.” I chose this word because it encompasses everything this program entails. This is a very holistic healing approach (holistic = involving all parts). You can hear some testimonials from amazing clients who have healed via this program (as well as my other programs) by clicking here.

What is the difference between this program and the Master Healing Program?

They are both very similar. Much like the Master Healing Program, the Rasāyana Healing Program is personalized to each individual based on their own unique health, history, and circumstances. The main difference between the two programs is the method of communication in which they entail. With Rasāyana Healing, you have access to my direct line (phone) for the entire duration of the program. This allows for unlimited text, voice, photo, and/or video messaging which can be very useful for those who need a bit more emotional support while on their journey. With the Master Healing Program, our communication occurs via scheduled phone calls and unlimited email support.

Please Note: with BOTH programs, you will always receive timely responses from me. However, with phone access, some individuals feel even more closely connected. This might be ideal for clients who:

-Are very new to holistic health,

-Would like to to implement some fasting,

-Need more of a “hand held” process,

-Or who would simply like to have a more “on call” connection with me.



  • A Comprehensive Phone Session where we discuss your physical ailments, symptoms, and/ or diagnoses. We'll dive deeply into your analysis results and the root-cause of your ailments. You will have a full understanding of your body’s specific state of health and how to truly gain physical freedom.
  • FULL-TIME COACHING for the entire duration of your journey. Unlimited Voice, Text, Photo, and/ or Video Messaging. This gives you full emotional support as well as answers to all of your additional questions. I'll be able to work with and guide you throughout your entire journey. When you need me, I’m here!

  • An in-depth Health Assessment. This assessment focuses on your: Lymphatic System, Kidneys & Bladder, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pancreas, Adrenals, Reproductive System, GI Tract, Liver/Gallbladder, Blood, Heart, Circulation, Skin, Lungs, and more. This allows both you and I to get a clearer picture of all of the major blockages & weaknesses you're currently facing.
  • NEW! A full personalized Iridology Report! - Your analysis will point out your cellular, glandular, and genetic weaknesses (with detailed descriptions of each weakness). This report can pinpoint weaknesses in the following areas: your digestive system, nervous system, skin weakness, cholesterol utilization, drug deposits, the skeletal system, the endocrine systems, the colon, lymphatic congestion, and more!

  • NEW! Descriptions for each one of your most pressing Iridology weaknesses with details on what they mean for your current state of health. Understand how these challenges affect you.

  • NEW! Labeled Iris Photos! - You will also receive a copy of your Iris photos labeled with the challenges found in your body. That way, you'll have an even clearer understanding of what's going on systemically within your body and can keep track of changes.

  • A Personalized Herbal Protocol with specific dosage recommendations tailored to your body, your needs, your health challenges and/ or your goals. This is guarenteed to expedite your healing process.

  • Highly Informative Detox Materials: Guides, Files, Instructions, Charts, Tools, and More.


After your purchase, please send me an email via the Contact page with your full name and phone number. I will be in touch within 12 hours with directions. We will also schedule our initial phone session.



Public Figures/Celebrities— If you are a public figure, please email any Confidentiality Agreements or NDAs to the Media Division after your booking (media@rasayanaliving.com).

Payment Plans— If you're interested in this program but cannot pay in full at this time, payment plans are now available! Simply check out using the "Buy with ShopPay" button at the top of this page and you will be able to choose an installment payment period that works for you.


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