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What is "Juicing" & Juicing Coaching?

Juicing is a technique used to extract the liquid from powerful enzyme-active fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This type of coaching is for those who are interested in implementing solely juice for a specific amount of time via a “solid food vacation”.

Why might someone be interested in this?
When people think of “fasting” they often think of limitation and deprivation. However, this is not what we’re doing here! Consuming an abundance of nutrient dense, highly enzyme-active foods in this way can be one of the greatest ways to expedite someone's healing journey when done correctly. This is why I prefer to call this “juice feasting”.
By solely drinking juice for some time, your body can absorb nutrients quickly, without having to digest fibers and other components in whole foods. By giving your digestive tract a break, your body has more energy to utilize towards regenerating your entire system. Moreover, it helps you get a larger intake of vitamins and minerals—more so than you may be getting in your regular diet.

How long should someone juice?
The exact length of time varies from person to person. Juicing is not something I recommend doing for more than one week up to a few months depending the case. This is because it is vital to your health that you nourish your body with a good variety of foods. A nutritionally balanced diet is critical for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome and good intestinal barrier integrity. However, the healing that can occur by giving your body this “solid food vacation” is absolutely miraculous. During this time, regenerative detoxification can occur exponentially. What may have normally taken up to a year to heal can sometimes take 60 days or less (when done the right way). This can be great for those who feel they have plateaued on their healing journeys. You can see the testimonials of just some of my juicing clients at the bottom of this page.

What differentiates the "1-On-1 Juicing Coaching Program" from the "Master Healing Coaching Program"?
Because juicing is often a bit more intense for some, it can sometimes cause a bit of emotional uneasiness (especially for first-timers) and some people may require extra comfort. Therefore, this program comes with around-the-clock access to my direct line. While the Master Healing Program also comes with 24/7 coaching, most of the communication with that program occurs via scheduled calls and email support. With Juicing Coaching, you will be able to send me unlimited texts, photos, and voice notes for the entire duration of your program. This allows us to communicate quickly.

"Question, I'd prefer to consume solid food on my healing journey as opposed to juicing. However, I am interested in around-the-clock coaching. Can I still use this kind of program with you?"
Absolutely! I can substitute juicing plans for personalized diet plans for those who'd like the kind of communication this program comes with but are not ready to dive into a juice feast. There is absolutely no pressure here, ever. If you'd like unlimited text, photo, and voice note messaging on your healing journey, feel free to choose this program. I will make it work for you. Prices vary depending on the time you need - be sure to click through the drop-down options above and read through the various sections of this page.



A Comprehensive Initial Phone Session where we’ll talk about your goals and why you've chosen this program. All of your questions will be answered. We'll discuss every aspect of your healing journey and discuss a personalized plan that’ll ensure you meet all of your goals.

FULL-TIME COACHING for the entire duration of your journey. Unlimited Voice, Text, and Photo Messaging. This gives you full emotional support as well as answers to all of your additional questions. I'll be able to work with and guide you throughout your entire journey. When you need me, I’m here!

A Personalized Herbal Protocol specific to whatever your health challenges and/ or goals are for the entire duration of your fast.

 Highly Informative Detox Materials: Guides, Files, Instructions, Charts, and Tools.

• Clients who choose 21 Days or more will also receive an in-depth Health Assessment. This assessment focuses on your: Lymphatic System, Kidneys & Bladder, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pancreas, Adrenals, Reproductive System, GI Tract, Liver/Gallbladder, Blood, Heart, Circulation, Skin, Lungs, and more. This allows both you and I to get a clearer picture of all of the major blockages & weaknesses you're currently facing.

• Clients who choose 30 Days or more will receive everything mentioned above as well as an in-depth Iridology Analysis Report! Read more about that HERE.



After your purchase, please send me an email via the Contact page with your full name and phone number. I will be in touch within 12 hours with directions. We will also schedule our initial phone session.



Public Figures/Celebrities— If you are a public figure, please email any Confidentiality Agreements or NDAs to the Media Division after your booking (media@rasayanaliving.com).

Payment Plans— If you're interested in this program but cannot pay in full at this time, payment plans are now available! Simply check out using the "Buy with ShopPay" button at the top of this page and you will be able to choose an installment payment period that works for you.

Note: While solely consuming juices for a specific amount of time (as part of a regenerative healing protocol) is extremely beneficial for many people, it is not necessarily something that everyone should do (especially those with specific nutritional deficiencies or a history of eating disorders). If you’d like to discuss juice fasting and inquire about what is right for you at this time, you can feel free to start with a consultation session.



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*If you're unsure if Juice Feasting is for you, or if you have any other health questions or concerns, please refer to my General Consultation page.